85 kms from India’s plush Capital Delhi is a small city named Khurja. Some call it the “Potter’s Town” while others have tagged it as their favourite destination for Ceramics and call it The Ceramic City.

Each artisan or ceramist (as they like to call themselves) who lives and works here has a story that trails back several centuries and finds its genesis in the discovery of Ceramic. Ceramic is a material that has higher resistance (as compared to hard metals) and can easily weather extreme temperature, corrosion or pressure.

This makes it one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials for making crockery and other decorative products.

Today, Ceramic is a globally known and loved Art Form.

While the Timeless Appeal of Ceramic Products especially the intricate Design Elements of Blue Pottery has been harnessed by many. There are only a select few manufacturers in India who have moved beyond the potter’s wheel to create design collections that suit modern design aesthetics.

At the Fore of this New Ceramic Mold is The Ceramics Studio.

Been There. Doing More

Been There.
Doing More

The Ceramic Studio Brand is founded by Khurja’s first Ceramic Emporium- The Fancy Emporium. One of the Leading Ceramic Manufacturers in India, The Fancy Emporium is well-known for its Color Infused Tableware Designs and has been serving well-known customers- hotels, restaurants, resorts, corporates, interior designers since 1980.

Talk or Tap. Touch or Browse

Talk or Tap.
Touch or Browse

The Ceramic Studio is now digitally connected with over 1 Lakh customers and has 100+ footfalls in its Physical Store every day.

Ceramic Design V.2 is Adaptive & Customizable

Ceramic Design V.2
Adaptive & Customizable

The Core Ethos of the Brand is to provide its customers with a “Signature Look” that gives them a clear distinction. This means customers can now virtually / physically walk into The Ceramic Studio, connect with its Design Team and Custom Create a Line of Products that blends with their personal/professional brand style

Unlimited by Imagination

by Imagination

The Ceramic Artists Team at The Ceramics Studio have years of experience in hand-crafting myriad shapes and adding diverse design features. The collections at The Ceramics Studio are thus truly limitless.

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The Ceramic Studio
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